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Updating the programming knowledge is very much required for the IT professional. The job after developing a web page doesn't end as there are of ideas to portray on the same page and all is possible through the basic knowledge of the PHP, HTML and CSS. The web page that you just now developed can have the dynamic application with the prior service. Developing and designing is not a mere task; it resembles to the creativity and the vision that the developer has. Being an IT or engineering student, if you think that learning the core PHP would be enough then it's tough. For making the web page dynamic, the developer should have the knowledge of the advanced features of PHP i.e. PHP++. Learning PHP++ is very easy and has lot of advantages. Aarvy Edutech the pioneer among the thousands of training institutes offers 6 months extensive classes for every graduate. This course is hardly priced and worthy enough to get skilled. Extensive classes with live demonstration to the students really help them to get the real time experience of handling the projects. Bring out the dreams into reality and portray them in the web page by learning PHP++.

Classroom Training

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Instructor-led live online training at your convenience!

Custom Modules

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Training on Live Project

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What You`ll Learn in This Course

  • Hands-On Training
  • Programming with PHP
  • PHP language building blocks
  • Writing PHP scripts
  • Writing Web Pages with PHP Interacting with the server
  • Manipulation user input
  • Applying Advanced Scripting Techniques Exploiting he built-in functionality of PHP
  • Structuring PHP Code
  • Building Complete Web Applications Managing errors
  • Handling problematic situations
  • Establishing database connectivity
  • String Manipulation and Regular Expression

  • Table of Contents Basic Syntax and programming with PHP
  • PHP with Web Design
  • Introducing ARRAY
  • Interacting with the file system and the Server
  • String Manipulation and Regular Expression
  • Reusing Code and Writing Functions
  • Object Oriented PHP
  • Session and Cookie
  • MySQL Database and SQL
  • Advance PHP Techniques
  • JavaScript & CSS
  • Wordpress

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