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Aarvy Edutech is the only training institute giving technical training with a difference. The institute not only provides training but takes proper care that the training is meaningful. Aarvy Edutech provides training on Oracle 11g DBA in the most technical way. Oracle 11g DBA is an Oracle revolution which is a boom for database administrators. It deals with self and storage management having clustering features. It releases data administrators from doing low value work and to gives them an opportunity to increase their value. It also helps them to technically more sound in their respective field. Aarvy Edutech provides a training which teaches this new technique in a focused manner. The motive of the training is that it teaches you the new technology in a way that you can put it into your work field quickly. You learn directly from the source so the knowledge gained is perfect. Aarvy Edutech training staff are the most experienced in this new Oracle technology. They give lessons, shows and explain practical examples, creates work environment where this technology can be used. So, after taking the training one becomes an expert of this technology which is in demand all over in every industry. The training makes one expert in a field which helps to earn a comfortable salary.

Classroom Training

Get hands-on interactive learning with expert trainers!


Instructor-led live online training at your convenience!

Custom Modules

Boundless customization based on specific requirements!

Training on Live Project

Gear up your employable skills with real-time learning!

What You`ll Learn in This Course

  • Oracle Database Architecture
  • Database creation
  • Parameter file management
  • Storage structure and its relationships

  • Managing controlfiles
  • Redo log files maintenance
  • Managing tablespace and datafiles
  • Undo tablespace Management

  • Managing Database Users
  • Managing Database Roles
  • Managing Database Profiles
  • Loading data into db using sql loader

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