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Aarvy Edutech I-PHONE training program emphasize concept building by lab experiments. Trainers impart training on Objective-c, Xcode and iOS development. Strong training over coding will help students face every kind of interview of all leading companies. Experienced Developers from leading companies has designed the course keeping in mind the mandatory aspect of subject. Iphone runs on an operating system called iOS and is a part of Mac OS X. It includes core animation software component and Power VR hardware. Motion graphics is interfaced with i-phone due to iOS.The best part of this operating system is it takes less than half gigabyte. An i-Phone facilities like audio conferencing, call holding, call merger, caller ID etc. Music libraries in i-Phone divide songs according to artists, albums and videos. Graphical list of available applications are available on screen. Earlier i-Phone runs one application at a time. But the new operating systems helped it achieving multi tasking. Multitasking had been introduced to market as i- Phone4 is launched. After this, iOS7 upgraded it by running more than one open application in background. For e.g. i-Phone allows user to listen music, receive notification and record GPS data at same time. Customizable home screen allows to access active widgets.

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What You`ll Learn in This Course

  • Introduction to IOS Application
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Introduction to Swift & IOS Development
  • The Swift Language Basic Syntax
  • The Swift Language Object-Oriented Programming
  • Building Your First App
  • Creating & Configuring Scroll Views
  • Implementing Navigation with the Tab Bar Controller
  • Delegate Design pattern
  • Target & Action Design Pattern
  • View Controllers
  • UITable View and UITable View Controller
  • Displaying Sets of Data: Table View
  • Data Persistence

  • Data Persistence with FileManager
  • Property Lists
  • Gesture Programming
  • Implementing Gesture Recognition
  • Database Storage
  • Create Project
  • Threading
  • XML Programming
  • JSON Programming
  • Working with menus & Dialogs
  • Notification
  • Camera
  • Playing Audio And Video
  • UI Tab Bar Controller
  • Displaying Sets of Data: Collection View
  • Animation Programming

  • Core Location Framework
  • Address Book framework
  • Map Kit Framework
  • Web Services Interaction I-Pad Basics
  • Memory management Tools
  • Social Sharing
  • Advanced Feature
  • Storyboard
  • Performance and Debugging
  • SQL Queries in IOS
  • Creating Auto Layouts
  • Web Services
  • Implement Third Party Libraries
  • App Store Basics
  • Final Projects

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