In today’s time when IT industry is going through the phase of cut throat competition in job’s market, students prefer to join institutes that offer them job’s guarantee and campus selection. This may be because the fresher’s job are limited in the job market. Most organizations want at least one year trained person. Under such circumstances, campus selection appears very important to students.

Most institutes, which offer short term courses to their students for six months or less than six months cannot offer job guarantee to their students. Some institutes also make false promises to lure students and students have to suffer in the end. It is usually not possible for small institutes to offer job opportunities to their students because of the lesser number of students that they train in a short term course and therefore lack of business partnerships with good organizations. Another reason for not offering job opportunities to the students by small training institutes is the quality of education they impart to their students. Because of lack of funds due to lesser number of students, they fail to hire better teaching faculty for their courses.

Aarvy eduTech is a very big training institute which has multiple training centers all around India. Due to its big size, well trained faculty members, business partnerships with number of companies, and job placement cell of its own, it ensures 100% placement guarantee to its students for both short and long term courses. More than 50 Indian as well as multi-national companies participate in the job fair organized by Aarvy eduTech each year. Thousands of Aarvy eduTech students as well as non-Aarvy eduTech students participate in the job fair to get jobs. Thousands of students have already been placed and are working efficiently in company’s which picked them through campus selection and job fair.

The placement cell of Aarvy eduTech is very active. The job opportunities are displayed on the website itself to encourage students to apply for their best suited job. The students have bright chances of selection because they are trained in a professional manner on live industrial projects. Aarvy eduTech has its Facebook page, where people can directly communicate with Aarvy eduTech and get their questions answered, give feedback to the institute and rate its faculty member and services. This is a big advantage to students in today’s time when social media use is at its peak to exchange the information and feedback to any organization.