API Testing

API Testing

API Testing is entirely different from GUI Testing and mainly concentrates on the business logic layer of the software architecture. This testing wonot concentrate on the look and feel of an application. API stands for Application Programming Interface, which specifies how one component should interact with the other. It consists of a set of routines, protocols and tools for building the software applications. The API Testing is performed for the system, which has a collection of API that ought to be tested.

Introduction of Web Services

  • What is Web Services?
  • Expalning Types of Web Services SOAP and REST.
  • What is wsdl ? Importance of it in Web Services.
  • Difference between WSDL and SOAP Protocol.

Exploring SOAP UI Tool Basic Feature

  • SOAP UI Installation / Documentation.
  • Calculator Web Service Example
  • Creating Test Suite and Test Cases
  • Local WebServices installation for Practice.
  • Explaning WebServices operation in details.

Web Services Testing(Manual) with SOAP UI

  • Basics Assertion for Test Validation.
  • Advance Assertion for validating responses.
  • Strategies to use Xpath Assertion in test
  • Properties Access – Data Driven Strategies
  • Accessing Properties from Test Cases, Suit and Project Level
  • How to send value from response to another requests property transfer.

WebService Automation Testing in SOAP UI

  • Introductionto Groovy Script Test Setup.
  • Importance of Testr Runner and Context Variable.
  • Test runner method for get and set property.
  • Accessing and Updating the properties through Groovy method.
  • Parsing the xml request and response with holder Application.
  • Triggering the SOAP Request through Groovy Code.
  • Automate the Services(Practice).
  • Validating the Service response with Assertion.

REST API Testing (Manual ) With SOAP UI

  • REST API Concept
  • REST API – Types of HTTP Methods
  • Practical Example on GET and POST
  • Important Notes on Google Map API
  • Sample code Google Add Place Download.
  • REST API Test Case building on SOAP UI
  • Exercise: Datadriving from custom properties.
  • Exercise: Property transfer usage in REST Example.

REST API Automation with SOAP UI

  • JSON Script Assertion window – Automation
  • Parsing the JSON response for API Validation
  • Example on REST API Automation with JSON as Response
  • Example on REST API Automation with XML as Response

REST API JSON Assertion and Validation

  • Flicker API Introdution
  • JSON path extraction from responses.
  • JSON Assertion on parsed responses.
  • Advance Example on JSON Assertion.

End to End Framework Design

  • Framework Design Plan
  • Understanding Preparing API Test from the functional document
  • Building Rest API project in SOAPUI
  • Create Test Cases from the defined API
  • End to End Testing on Library API
  • Installation Eclipse and Java for API automation testing
  • Creation of Java API project from Framework
  • WSDL project concept for java test setup
  • TestNG Integration to the Java API Tests.
  • Different combination of WSDL API
  • TestNG.xml file for one single Trigger point to all test.
  • TestNG Command
  • Command to Trigger TestNG Java API Test
  • HTML Report and Jenkins installation.

SOAP UI Protocol extra feature

  • Basics of Pro version
  • Data Sources
  • Data Sink
  • DataGen Type
  • Test Case Debugging, Breakpoint
  • Reporting Technique
  • Jasper Report and Web Recording

Security Testing with SOAP UI

  • List of Security Test
  • Security Test Case.
  • Security Testing – Practical example

Database Testing with SOAP UI

  • Database Concept
  • Creating Database
  • SOAP UI JDBC connection
  • SQL Quatries Testing with SOAP UI
  • SQL Builder- SOAP UI Pro

Load Testing on REST API

  • Performance Testing Tool used for Testing REST API
  • Putting Load on REST CALL



Web session manipulation .

  • Quick execution.
  • Simulate original HTTP(s) traffic.
  • Compose HTTP(s) requests.
  • Setting breakpoints.
  • Manipulate any HTTP(s) request or response.

Performance Testing.

  • Timeline for performance analysis
  • Simulate HTTP compression
  • Flagging performance bottlenecks
  • Taking advantage of HTTP caching
  • Profiling the performance of your web app.

Security Testing.

  • Fiddler security add-ons.
  • Automate SSL decryption.

HTTP/HTTPS Traffic Recording.

  • Archive and playback recorded traffic
  • Filter captured traffic.
  • Deep dive into session metrics.
  • Capture all HTTP(s) traffic.

Web Debugging.

  • Decrypt and decompress web sessions.
  • Analyzing session data.
  • Debug traffic on any system.
  • Debug traffic from any client and browser.

Customizable Free Tool.

  • Extending Fiddler with Fiddler Script and .NET code.
  • Fiddler extensions and add-ons.
  • Adding inspectors.
    • Request Inspectors.
    • Response Inspectors.
  • Creating rules.

Interview Question and Prepartion for placement

  • Technical Interview Preparation
  • Mock Interview preparation
  • HR Session

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